Label, Release & Promo

In 2010 Ion Javelin received the offer to release the new and long expected album called Time for Change on the label The World Music Café owned by Lothar Krell and Johannes Hamann. It’s being released both on CD and as MP3! From May 27th 2011 on it’s available at your local dealer as well as for download in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and from May 31th on in the rest of the world on all popular download platforms. The CD distribution is taken over by Alive AG.

The national press & online promotion is managed by Elke Krell [].

Responsible for national radio promotion are:

Johannes Koch [South/Southwest] [],

Guido Kunde [North/Northwest] [] and

Andrew Campbell [East] [].

It should be noted here that the album's release as CD at the same time with its digital release can be attributed to the engaged convincing of Mister Koch.


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